chrisncvMr. Christos Nicolaides. MBA, PhD

Principal of ICCS Corp. Business Consultant and Expert in international tourism, aviation & cruise development, for private and public sector companies and organizations in Greece and abroad. Has collaborated in high ranked positions with major and important tourism development organizations, as well as in the transportation sector, utilizing expertise and experience over 30 years on the subject. He has participated as head for development projects, programs and initiatives of the EU. He is member of organizing committees of major international athletic and tourism development events like Olympic Games, investment and development conferences for the cruise industry, transportation and tourism, etc.

Finally, he is visiting professor and author for post graduate studies in tourism in Greece and abroad, member of international organizations, speaker and moderator at conferences of the broader field of tourism, aviation & cruise development.

Business consultant and expert in the field of transportation infrastructure (cruise ports, cruise terminals, seaplane bases) and the joint operation of seaplane bases/seaplanes with international cruise business and coastline service (owner & manager of ICCS llc based in Miami, USA).

Seaplanes base licensing of Pylos Messinia on behalf of the Messinia/Kalamata Port Authority (seaplane base operator: Costair sa, member V. Constantakopoulos Group of Companies, Costa Navarino & Costamare). He has been also Chairman and Board Member of Costair sa).

State consultant  associate and head of the scientific committee for the preparation of the new legislative framework (N. 4146) for the seaplane bases setup & operation by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in collaboration with all related Ministries (Civil Protection, Ministry of Environment, Development, Tourism, etc.). He has also been State consultant associate for the preparation of spatial tourism development framework focusing on marine & cruise development.


zafiriscv2Mrs. Athanassia Zafiris. BA, MA

Vice President International Relations of ICCS Corp. She served in managerial positions in tourism and cruise operations projects. She holds more than 20 years experience in the travel industry in Italy, USA & Greece. Mrs Zafiris is recognized as an expert on trends in international relations, strategic planning, media relations, marketing & public relations. She is a regular speaker and event manager at main tourism & cruise industry's international events.




ICCS Corp. has permanent cooperation with qualified, trained and experienced professionals, such as:

  • Naval Architects
  • Naval Engineers,
  • Port Captains,
  • Civil & Ports Engineers,
  • Coast Guard specialists
  • Safety & Security specialists,
  • Marine Environmental specialists,
  • Flight Engineers,
  • Flight Pilots, etc

We will act as change agents and collaborate with government, organizational leaders, and local authorities to demonstrate methods of effective cruise port management, ports waste reduction, improve efficiency, protect the environment, stimulate alternative energy development, and focus on the financial aspects required to sustain organizations and individuals.


We will continually develop an expanding network of partners who desire, and are qualified, to act as change agents fostering innovation and providing guidance toward a continual improvement effort which results in sustainability.

We will create change through awareness, education, and training.

We will evaluate, measure, and feedback information to sustain continual improvement.

We will provide products and services that enable change and continual improvement.

We will promote alternative energy sources.

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