Our experienced former cruise ship executives are ready to assist ports and tour operators around the globe to improve profitability. We will help to stimulate the attractiveness of the port that will draw the cruise ship industry. The ICCS team will help to develop the winning strategy and implementation plan that is attractive to cruise lines using our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts, and former cruise line executives. We will prepare a preliminary proposal consisting of the following elements:

  • Develop Marketing Materials to Attract Cruise Line Traffic to the Port
  • Promote Long Term Cruise Ship Home Port and In Transit Calls
  • Provide Port Representation
  • Develop and Implement a Long Term Strategy as A Marquee Destination

In addition to working with the port officials, our team of experienced cruise professionals work also with individual tour operators to develop those attractive tours and excursions that are desirable by cruise ship guests.

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Our services  include:

  • Developing Operating Procedures
  • Developing Safety Procedures
  • Consulting on Safety and Environmental Impact
  • Creating the Venue Experience and the "Look" that will Attract Business
  • Train and Motivate the Staff to Meet the Hospitality Expectations of Cruise Guests
  • Provide Follow-up Auditing Services to Ensure that a High Level of Excellence is Maintained
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